What materials are you labels made of? 1

What materials are you labels made of?

Satin (atlas) as well as nylon are fabrics that entered our everyday life reliably. We use products which include these modern materials every day, but do you know the difference between them?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of labels made out of satin and nylon?  Satin is a material with a special technology of weaving fibers, so one side of this fabric is absolutely smooth and pleasant to the touch.  The satin tape, on which the label is printed, has a silk shine and an expensive look, that’s why, is great for making big, care or simple labels. The satin label does not irritate the skin, so it is sewn on blouses, dresses, bed linen and children’s clothing or toys.  Satin label should be sewn by folding it to avoid blasting fibers, but the client receives a loop for a hanger! 

Nylon is suited for various labels very well too. Also it has its own special features – for example, it contains a special impregnation, which makes the image not to lose its appearance for a long time.  However, this material is rather rigid; the sharp label ends can cause discomfort, so this label is better to be sewn on kitchen towels, mattresses, raincoats or bags, or accessories for cars.  Nylon label does not smear, so it is sewn only on the one side, by one seam, that’s why nylon is suitable for use in the noticeable places!   To make up an order or to calculate the cost of clothing labels, please, contact “Dinar” specialists. Our managers will help you to organize everything in very short terms

Clothing, bedding, bags and other leather and textile products must contain labels that indicate various information: from the size and composition of the item to the care device and the company logo. Such labels are made of nylon or satin. In some cases, it is advisable to use nylon, and in some satin.
Nylon is a woven synthetic material that has a special impregnation, so that the surface of the tape becomes smooth and to the touch resembles paper. When printed on such a high-quality surface, the image is sharp, clear and durable.
Another edge of nylon is that it allows you to set the label on one side only, leaving the edge hanging freely. This advantage is used, using large fabric labels for clothing, which attract the attention of the buyer.
Nylon label – the best solution for labeling such products:
-Bed linen: pillows, blankets, mattresses;
-Accessories for kitchen, towels, aprons;
-Clothing: jackets, coats, tracksuits;
-Accessories for cars: protective covers, seat belts;
Advantages of satin over nylon

Satin is a textile tape that, unlike nylon, has no impregnation. Its feature is a special weave: one side is rough, and the other – smooth and smooth. Satin looks like silk, has a pleasant glossy sheen.
The fabric material has an expensive look that can emphasize the status of the product. It is best for large labels. Fabric labels for clothes made of satin are very soft, this is the main advantage of satin over nylon. Such a textile tape for clothing is marked by products that have direct contact with the skin. The information is applied to the smooth surface of the tape.
Satin sewn label marked:
-Underwear: underwear, dresses, T-shirts, blouses, pants, shirts;
-Accessories, including scarves and shawls;
-Children’s toys.

The disadvantage of satin fabric is that it tends to crumble and split into individual fibers. Therefore, a sewn-on label made of this material is sewn into the seam not with a flag, like a nylon, but with a loop. But at the same time with the inconvenience of sewing, the method of sewing with a loop saves the owner of the thing from discomfort when wearing it.
Manufacturers of bedding, men’s, women’s, children’s clothing in contact with the skin, it is better to use fabric satin tags, soft to the touch. A large selection of colors allows you to choose a label in tone.

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