How to choose the right label? "Guide for teapots" 1

How to choose the right label? “Guide for teapots”

Before choosing the label, always take into consideration for what you will use it.  We recommend starting with a “tabula rasa” – white satin, which can be painted in any color in the style of your products!  This will attract the buyer’s attention and underline your uniqueness.

          What are the benefits of satin tape?  The greatest advantage is durability.  Satin, which we offer, is strong – it stands all product care procedures. It’s dense, but at the same time, it is quite soft, does not irritate the body and is pleasant to the touch.  That allows you to sew the label for children’s clothing.  It’s visually attractive as can be with a matte coating or pearl – all depends on your needs and design.

For different types of goods you can choose your material, your type of satin.  By content labels are classified on:

  1. Labels that represent your brand.  They are usually performed in the standard size and with the colors of your brand. (BRAND LABEL)
  2. Care labels that contain information about product care, operating rules and fabric composition. (CARE LABEL)
  3. Size Label.  This is usually a small label that contains information exclusively about the size of the product you offered.  But printing technology allows us to make these labels in the color of your brand or logo, of arbitrary size, for convenience of sewing etc. (SIZE LABEL)
  4. Creative Label. If there is a desire to mark your products with a bright, interesting and colored label those are exactly them. We make them in different size and format. (CREATIVE LABEL)
  5. Home Textile Label. These are labels of large non-standard size that contain mix of information on one label.  For example, a color logo and what is fabric made out of, or exploitation rules and take-care recommendations.  We help to design these labels too. (HOMЕ TEXTILE LABEL)
  6. Large labels for mattresses.  Be original and mark your mattress with a bright and large label!  We use angular cutting for better sewing of such labels. (BIG LABELS)

All labels are cut into the appropriate size by means of a thermal knife, which allows you to save time of cut them with scissors and additional edges finishing.

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