Become a Dealer and earn more ?! 1

Become a Dealer and earn more ?!

We are pleased to present a new offer:

Many business ties were broken or lost during the pandemic.
Many companies have been forced to reorient themselves to new markets, new products and new technologies. Our company Dynar Sp z o o (Poland) is no exception.
Our portfolio includes a number of labels for clothes (sewing) that we have learned to make using the sublimation method for a long time.

Become a Dealer and earn more ?! 3
Our labels are perfect because:
- are printed in full color (drawing, logo, texts of any color),
- they do not lose their appearance after repeated washing at 90 degrees,
- thermal cutting in production (edges always remain even).

Become a Dealer and earn more ?! 5

The essence of our offer is that we are ready to deliver finished products to the dealer at an incredibly low price - 50% cheaper than the retail price!
A pro-forma invoice will be issued for each order, which will be postponed by the end of the month.
Orders for the Distributor are possible from 50 pieces of one type, e.g. (20 x 50 mm) 50 pieces + (25 x 40 mm) 50 pieces + (15 x 70 mm) 100 pieces.
For our part, we expect the Dealer to order large quantities (from 1000) per month.
Design and preparation for printing - at our expense. At the end of the month, the payment is made in one payment and closed with one invoice.

Becoming our Dealer is quite simple - we will sign a one-year contract with a trial period and we will provide you with a sample package of various types of our products. The assortment is really huge, the demand is growing, as well as the needs, taking into account the large number of studios and private companies that sew clothes, mattresses, furniture, pet accessories, etc.

Become our dealer and earn money safely on sales!

Contact via e-mail dynar2020@gmail.com or phone +48 661 495 276 (WathsApp, Viber, Telegram). Sp z o o Dynar (NIP 5170412767) is located in Rzeszów in the Podkarpackie Province.

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