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Become a Dealer and earn more ?! 1
Become a Dealer and earn more ?!

Our labels are perfect because: – are printed in full color (drawing, logo, texts of any color), – they do not lose their appearance after repeated washing at 90 degrees, – thermal cutting in production (edges always remain even).

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QR - code for busines 3
QR – code for busines

You can hardly find a smartphone user who has not encountered or scanned a QR code. This tool gained a special surge in popularity with the beginning of the COVID pandemic – helped by the demand for contactless technology. How can a familiar image be an effective element in promoting your business and the link between offline and online?

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What is the driving force of consumption? 5
What is the driving force of consumption?

In human needs? Not only that, POWER is in Brand. In the interest and emotions it evokes. In trust and recognition. There is a gap between consumer demand and satisfaction.

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Do you sew a label for your products? 7
Do you sew a label for your products?

Exactly meets the needs of customers – certifies all the necessary information, logo, how to contact? Is there no place for that? Otherwise, will the label have an A4 size?..

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Summer is vacation time! 9
Summer is vacation time!

Summer is a time of vacation! We go over the sea, to our grandmother’s house or abroad

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Small business now needs support? 11
Small business now needs support?

Consider a small, private business in the field of “handmade”, namely: someone sews pillows, duvets or bedspreads. Or produces branded clothing in small quantities – the same dresses, pajamas, underwear. With the introduction of “quarantine”, when the usual buyer has less choice – to eat meat or buy new clothes (and where to go?) – such a small private entrepreneur can help himself!

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How to choose the right label? "Guide for teapots" 13
How to choose the right label? “Guide for teapots”

Before choosing the label, always take into consideration for what you will use it. We recommend starting with a “tabula rasa” – white satin, which can be painted in any color in the style of your products! This will attract the buyer’s attention and underline your uniqueness. What are the benefits of satin tape? The greatest advantage is durability. Satin, which we offer, is strong – it stands all product care procedures. It’s dense, but at the same time, it is quite soft, does not irritate the body and is pleasant to the touch. That allows you to sew the label for children’s clothing. It’s visually attractive as can be with a matte coating or pearl – all depends on your needs and design.

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What materials are you labels made of? 15
What materials are you labels made of?

Satin (atlas) as well as nylon are fabrics that entered our everyday life reliably. We use products which include these modern materials every day, but do you know the difference between them? What are the advantages and disadvantages of labels made out of satin and nylon? Satin is a material with a special technology of weaving fibers, so one side of this fabric is absolutely smooth and pleasant to the touch. The satin tape, on which the label is printed, has a silk shine and an expensive look, that’s why, is great for making big, care or simple labels. The satin label does not irritate the skin, so it is sewn on blouses, dresses, bed linen and children’s clothing or toys. Satin label should be sewn by folding it to avoid blasting fibers, but the client receives a loop for a hanger!

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