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In the modern world, the name solves almost everything - it is prestige, experience, popularity! The name of your brand on the product is an easy and real way to success. It is simple and effective - you will be recognized, you will be reckoned with, you will become known. It's time to order a branded label for your products, we will help!

Big long label in a roll (for example "Maglit") 1 Large label for blankets, bedspreads (for example Caszmere) 3 Ribbon with printing, for packaging or decoration (for example Martelle) 5 Sew-on label. Designed for bed linen, blankets and pillows. 7 Large printed tape. Designed for decoration. 9 Satin label with logo and text. For clothes and textiles. (Lavanda) 11

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Become a Dealer and earn more ?! 13
Become a Dealer and earn more ?!

Our labels are perfect because: – are printed in full color (drawing, logo, texts of any color), – they do not lose their appearance after repeated washing at 90 degrees, – thermal cutting in production (edges always remain even).

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QR - code for busines 15
QR – code for busines

You can hardly find a smartphone user who has not encountered or scanned a QR code. This tool gained a special surge in popularity with the beginning of the COVID pandemic – helped by the demand for contactless technology. How can a familiar image be an effective element in promoting your business and the link between offline and online?

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