Do you sew a label for your products? 1

Do you sew a label for your products?

Exactly meets the needs of customers – certifies all the necessary information, logo, how to contact? Is there no place for that? Otherwise, will the label have an A4 size? And they like to cut it off with scissors so that the neck does not tickle! Do you want this? No!

Do you sew a label for your products? 3

We offer a ready-made solution that will definitely solve these problems!

Do you sew a label for your products? 5
✅ The full-color label is printed on satin, thermally cut

 QR-code with a link to a page (website, Facebook page) read  a smartphone

✅ It is pleasant for the whole body – it does not irritate the skin, thanks to which it does not remain cut off from the first day

✅ High quality printing – text, logo, image – all beautiful with style

✅ The materials have OEKO-TEX certificates and are resistant to washing at a temperature of 90 degrees

✅ Minimum starting draws and the best implementation, test samples for free!

✅ Loyalty program for repeat orders, forever

Write to us at Dynar2020@gmail.com
Or via the contact form on the page https://www.dynar.pl/contacts/
Phone/WhatsApp: +48 661 495 276
We will hear everyone!

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