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QR – code for busines

You can hardly find a smartphone user who has not encountered or scanned a QR code. This tool gained a special surge in popularity with the beginning of the COVID pandemic – helped by the demand for contactless technology. How can a familiar image be an effective element in promoting your business and the link between offline and online?

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The origins of this technology go back to a time when there was a need for fast machine reading of visual information. Then the familiar barcode came in handy. However, a significant disadvantage of the barcode was the small capacity: it can encode only 250 characters. This limitation was overcome in 1994, when the two-dimensional bar code, called the QR code, was first invented. He was able to encode more than 4,000 characters and did not need special equipment to read.

Initially, the QR-code was used only for the needs of industry and logistics, but with the spread of smartphones, it has reliably penetrated into the daily lives of ordinary users. QR-code can now be found everywhere – from packaging, printing, transport and to tourism and catering. In his homeland (Japan), the code is even applied to tombstones – so that visitors can learn more detailed information about the person buried there.

Of course, you can encode in QR code any information that is embedded in the size of 4296 characters. However, for marketing purposes, it is best to use links to the landing pages of the web resource – so we create a link for the user between the offline object and the materials on the Internet. Now there are few potential customers who will manually enter the address from the flyer in the browser.

For the same purpose, you can place the appropriate QR-code on YOUR LABEL, which will send you to the online page with the company’s contact details. We will eliminate the need to manually dial our phone number or messenger contacts (FB, Insta, WatsApp).

On your page, where the QR-code WILL BRING CUSTOMERS, you will add a link to a video that tells more about YOUR product. You can also offer to take a short survey and choose an individual product or service.

We will prepare and place a QR code for you and your product on a satin label, the image is not erased, can withstand washing up to 90 degrees Celsius.

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