Small business now needs support? 1

Small business now needs support?

Small business now needs support more than ever! And it’s not just words – it’s time to get down to business. Let’s understand – what can you earn for yourself and what exactly can you help?

Consider a small, private business in the field of “handmade”, namely: someone sews pillows, duvets or bedspreads. Or produces branded clothing in small quantities – the same dresses, pajamas, underwear. With the introduction of “quarantine”, when the usual buyer has less choice – to eat meat or buy new clothes (and where to go?) – such a small private entrepreneur can help himself!

And this is the first position where we can be useful – BRAND! Do you already have a clothing line of your own production? Or do you sell your products online? Of course, you will be interested in selling more to new customers, or reselling your product to regular customers!

We did not invent a bicycle – we provide a ready-made, working solution! BRANDED LABEL for your collection!

The advantages are obvious: the customer learns the product, gets acquainted with it, buys it and starts wearing it. Clothes get dirty, they are often washed – and here is the result – your brand is no longer visible, because the label has faded and the image has disappeared. Instead, our satin sublimation label can be easily washed at 90 degrees! A customer who loves your product will love you, and on the label – your brand!

The second example – bought a new thing, the label “scratched” the skin – the label was cut off. Familiar situation? And who will remember this thing now?
We solve this problem BEFORE buying the product – satin is extremely soft and does not irritate the skin, wear it for health!

And in addition – a child, the most tender creature in the world, ask any mother.
Everything for her should be the softest and safest, otherwise they will not buy. What do we offer? Oeko-tex certified product!

Do you still doubt whether to order cheap “ribbon” or “jacquard” for your products? And we have an alternative that will outweigh all the proposals – a sublimation label on satin!

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